We at Red Sift are delighted to announce the release of OnINBOX Remediation, a brand-new OnINBOX feature to help security experts drastically reduce the amount of time spent investigating and remediating reported malicious emails, increasing workforce efficiency. 

But first, what is OnINBOX?

OnINBOX is our inbound email security product that delivers personalized threat detection for both end-users and security teams. OnINBOX uses a clear, 3 part ACT indicator to immediately flag up any risks in an email or give you the green light to go ahead as usual. It's like having a security expert inside every email, immediately and clearly telling you whether an email is safe to interact with.

OnINBOX's light, cloud-based software integrates with Google’s Workspace and Microsoft 365 APIs, making this inbound email solution quick and easy to deploy for both email clients without the need to install any software. The solution also works on both desktop and mobile.

How OnINBOX’s ACT indicators work

How OnINBOX’s new Remediation feature works

After an email has been reported, response teams can now take actions such as delete, mark as safe, and mark as threat from within the OnINBOX interface. The tool helps you focus on the most pressing threats first with a prioritized queue of reported emails. OnINBOX combines an email’s ACT score with the number of people who have reported it, either as spam or a phish, and places the most dangerous at the top of the list. 

“It takes security teams an average of 20 minutes to investigate and act on a single reported email. With OnINBOX’s new remediation feature, security teams are able to see and solve reported emails within the OnINBOX interface with minimal effort, meaning time spent doing this is drastically reduced, and more pressing issues can be prioritized. We’re confident that this feature will significantly improve efficiencies for security departments worldwide.”

Engin Yilmaz, Director of Product, Red Sift

What are the benefits of OnINBOX Remediation? 

  • Increase workforce efficiency: Minimize time spent investigating reported phishing emails as all the information you’ll need to make a decision is shown on a single screen.
  • Intuitive Interface: Quickly remediate by using “delete”, “add to threat list”, or “add to trust list” actions.
  • Scalable across your organization: Easily remediate for organization-wide inboxes from a single report.
  • Empower your employees: Help educate users with customizable templates for feedback on emails they’ve reported.

“This is a flagship feature for OnINBOX, as securing inbound email is a top priority for security departments in 2022. By helping security teams reduce time taken to remediate threats, this tool will be instrumental in strengthening business defenses in the ongoing fight against phishing. It also solidifies Red Sift’s place in the market, as a vendor with best-of-breed offering for complete inbound and outbound email protection.”

Rahul Powar, CEO, Red Sift 

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