Intelligent email threat detection everyone understands

Secure email gateways and filters protecting your network are a necessary foundation, but they’re unable to keep up with every threat due to inflexible rules which is why 91% of cyberattacks start with phishing emails. As attacks constantly evolve, some will reach inboxes undetected. Whilst phishing training is a good start towards protecting your people, it still leaves your organization’s security to guesswork when an email is opened.

Supercharge your phishing training!

OnINBOX replaces guesswork with expertise by acting as a security expert inside every email, providing a rigorous technical risk assessment before telling the recipient if it’s safe to trust the email or not when they open it. Everyone in your organization today can be empowered by risk indicators inside the email itself to help them confidently spot risks and effectively reduce the burden of false positives on security teams.

“OnINBOX’s ability to help our employees differentiate between real emails and the latest in highly targeted and well-crafted phishing emails helps us to maintain our high-security standards.”

 Ian Colcomb, CISO at Amey

How does it work?

OnINBOX tells your users how to ACT.

It authenticates the sender by evaluating the security protocols they have in place, namely DMARC, SPF & DKIM. In other words, is this person really who they say they are?
Then the contents of the email is examined (but not read) to look for anything that shouldn’t be there such as tracking pixels or dodgy URLs.
Then the contents of the email are examined (but not read) by scanning for tracking pixels or dodgy URLs, as well as using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to flag common signs of phishing.

All of this happens behind the scenes before feeding the results back to the user at the top of an opened email. Thanks to a combination of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and authentication checks to verify the sender’s identity (not visible to the human eye!), your people can now rely on OnINBOX whilst they go about their day-to-day work.

Let’s take a look at OnINBOX in action…

Can you spot the phishing email without OnINBOX?

In the example above just suppose Gavin Romaine in this instance is someone you’re familiar with who often asks you to process invoices for them. One of these two emails is fake, can you tell which one?

Now let’s add OnINBOX to the equation…

The phishing real email is now clearly highlighted on the left with green indicators telling the user it’s business as usual, whereas the three risk indicators in the fake email are red to warn the user! Hovering over the icons will give the recipient short explanations.

Security teams, we have more for you...

Whilst OnINBOX flags risky emails to each individual in your organization by scanning every inbound email and highlighting hidden risks, OnINBOX feeds these results into a management console known as OnINBOX Manager. According to the National Cyber Security Centre in their recent 12 principles of supply chain security guidance, one of the key problems for organisations today is ensuring their supply chain is secure:

“Until you have a clear picture of your supply chain, it will be very hard to establish any meaningful control over it. You will need to invest an appropriate amount of effort and resources to achieve this.”

But by deploying OnINBOX Manager, security teams can see who their company is talking to, identify the risks involved and take control of their wider email security.

OnINBOX Manager provides a centralized view of your communications network and their email security to help security teams stay on top of business communications and spot risks. With full visibility comes centralized controls; manage policy settings, blacklist malicious URLs and set a company-wide trust status for bad senders to protect everyone in the business.

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Getting started with OnINBOX is simple, no software installation is required and centralized deployment for Office 365 and G suite mailboxes can be set up with just a few clicks!