We’re excited to announce that we’ve aligned our Integrated Email Security and Brand Protection Platform with Microsoft Azure. This means that the solutions that make up our platform (OnDMARC, OnINBOX, OnDOMAIN) are now hosted in Microsoft Azure environments in the European Union and the United States. What’s more, this enhanced relationship means Microsoft representatives can now participate in the Azure IP Co-Sell program for Red Sift products. 

Our enhanced relationship with Microsoft

At Red Sift, we’re big on promoting a cybersecurity-first mindset to tackle threats such as  BEC, email phishing, vendor fraud, ransomware, and more. With our latest $54 million Series B injection, our key priorities are to expand our offering and increase accessibility to it. Our enhanced relationship with Microsoft plays a key role in this. 

“We’re excited to build on our strong working relationship with Microsoft, a cloud and security leader focused on delivering email protection. Our shared visions of building accessible and scalable technology are what makes this such a key relationship as we create a complementary solution set for joint customers.”

Chuck Swenberg, Sr. VP of Strategy at Red Sift

“At Microsoft, we look to build enduring, ongoing relationships with partners like Red Sift protecting e-mail and other hybrid work essentials. With increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals targeting email communications, the Red Sift platform helps Microsoft 365 customers to enhance the security of their systems.”

Parri Munsell, Senior Director, Microsoft Security Marketing

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If you’re interested to learn more about how Red Sift products complement Microsoft, visit our dedicated partnership page or get in touch.