Today we celebrate Earth Day, an annual event to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It has never been more important than now for everyone to do their part to help protect our planet.

We have already seen the devastating consequences of climate change, impacting everything from weather patterns and food production to air quality, home insurance and countless other things. According to the IEA, global CO2 emissions rebounded to their highest level in history in 2021. We are in a climate crisis — but there’s hope. “IPCC Working Group III Co-Chair, Priyadarshi Shukla, insisted that ‘the right policies, infrastructure and technology…to enable changes to our lifestyles and behaviour, can result in a 40 to 70 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050,’” reported the United Nations.

‘Invest In Our Planet’

The Earth Day 2022 ‘Invest In Our Planet’ theme encourages us to work together to advance sustainability, calling such collaboration “a partnership for the planet.” states, “It’s going to take all of us. All in. Businesses, governments, and citizens — everyone accounted for, and everyone accountable.”

Red Sift’s Sustainability Initiatives

Here at Red Sift, we are committed to further integrating sustainability into the business and continue working to reduce our carbon footprint. However, going neutral and tackling climate change can feel daunting, especially for organizations in the early stages of their sustainability journey. We realized that to achieve our CO2 reduction goal, we needed to invest in outside help from experts in the space. 

trace exists to remove the barriers to climate action, by giving individuals and businesses the power to take immediate steps forward. Red Sift teamed up with trace to create a streamlined process that is simple, cost-efficient, and engaging for the company to reduce its CO2. 

trace carbon neutral

By the Numbers

Since teaming up with trace earlier this year, Red Sift has made significant strides towards reducing its CO2. The numbers speak for themselves. Since partnering, we’ve seen:

  • 208.3 tCO2 offset — Equivalent to 3,520 shipping containers full of pollution.
  • 1,190 trees planted — 26.2 extra tCO2 sequestered over the trees’ lifetime.

In addition, Red Sift has offset its CO2 emissions to date, contributing to the below initiatives:

With trace helping us reduce and offset our CO2 emissions and take responsibility for our carbon footprint, we are well on our way to making a dent in our carbon footprint. I am proud of the way our team has welcomed new sustainability initiatives and their continued efforts to align sustainability goals with business strategies. It feels good to be on the right side of history. 

Climate change is much too big of a problem for any one entity to solve but if we each do our part to advance sustainability then together, we can make an impact. 

To learn more about Earth Day, visit: or follow our Trace company portal to learn more about the latest climate impact projects we're working on!

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