Red Sift have partnered with trace, the female-founded climate-technology company on a mission to reduce the barriers for individuals and businesses to go carbon neutral.

Trace’s co-founders Cat and Jo started trace after the experience of running their own sustainable handbags businesses and realizing how many barriers there are for small to medium-sized businesses to becoming carbon neutral.

Trace’s platform makes it easy for businesses to get a quote on offsetting their footprint in as little as 2 business days, and then measures the business’ footprint for free in order to provide a detailed breakdown of the source of its emissions.

Somewhat controversially, trace’s goal is to one day ‘go out of business’, with the view that carbon offsets can act as a voluntary tax that businesses choose to take on as a monetary incentive to reduce their emissions over time. As the world turns to more sustainable practices and renewable energy sources, pushed along by the support of the business community, the need to offset business emissions will hopefully reduce to the point that the carbon market and businesses like trace that make it more accessible, is no longer necessary.

Community Biogas Project in Kenya - Image Source:

Trace offers business customers like Red Sift access to their handpicked portfolio of climate projects, each of which not only provides carbon credits to offset emissions but also support UN Sustainable Development Goals. The trace portfolio means businesses have access to a wide range of project types, confidence that the projects have been pre-vetted by the trace team of experts, and are shielded from the price volatility of the voluntary carbon market. These are benefits most organisations would only be able to access with a significant scale of emissions and dedicated internal resources or comparatively expensive external consultants.

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