Another trophy for the Red Sift cabinet!

Red Sift’s OnDMARC wins Anti-Phishing Solution of the Year at the 2017 Computing Security Awards.

We’re delighted that Red Sift’s OnDMARC was named the Anti-Phishing Solution of the Year at the 2017 Computing Security Awards.

It’s been a year since the Red Sift team first realized there was a pressing need to democratize the technology essential for cybersecurity and make it available and accessible to everyone. For our resulting product OnDMARC to be recognized so soon as a leading solution is fantastic!

This award is extra special as it’s based solely on a public vote, making it a brilliant validation of how our solution has been helping organizations of all sizes to secure their domains against impersonation.

We’d like to thank everyone who voted for us!

As well as winning one award OnDMARC was selected as a finalist in 3 other categories:

  • Cloud Security Solution of the Year
  • Anti Cybercrime Award -Which organisation has done the most to counter cybercrime?
  • Editors choice

The Computing Security Awards is now in its 8th year and celebrates the achievements of the industry’s premier organizations. The event was hosted by the team behind Computing Security Magazine, one of the leading and most trusted cybersecurity news outlets in the UK.

Why not try OnDMARC for yourself with a 14-day free trial?

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Red Sift

13 Oct. 2017



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