Red Sift closes $54 million Series B funding

I’m delighted to announce that Red Sift has secured $54 million in Series B funding! This will help us empower more businesses to strengthen their cloud email security and protect their brands against impersonation, using our integrated cloud email and brand protection platform. This is another vital step in achieving our core mission; to democratize the technology essential for cybersecurity, for everyone.

Global growth, platform expansion, and improved product offering

Highland Europe led the round with participation from new and existing investors, including SANDS Capital, Oxford Capital, and MMC Ventures. Sam Brooks, partner at Highland Europe, and Michael Graninger, partner at SANDS Capital, will join Red Sift’s Board of Directors. The new investment brings our total funding raised to $69.8 million. 

With the number of phishing, ransomware, and economy-level disruptions continuing to rise, we remain committed to investing in our cybersecurity platform and accelerating technical innovation. 

We’ll use these funds to:

  • Accelerate our product development efforts across OnDMARC and OnINBOX. Our ambition is to remain best in class across everything we do as relevant standards emerge and we expand the capability of our models. We are also further expanding our product offering with the launch of OnDOMAIN.
  • Accelerate our global expansion, with plans for a US HQ in Austin, Texas, and increased headcount across all departments
  • Offer improved and localized support for our global customer base, in particular, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East regions

Hello OnDOMAIN, goodbye phishing sites

With this announcement, I’m also pleased to unveil our latest upcoming solution OnDOMAIN. OnDOMAIN enables security personnel to quickly shut down phishing sites and discover legitimate but unsecured domains while defending their brands, and those within their supply chains, against abuse and reputational damage. This will work in unison with our award-winning product OnDMARC, our advanced threat protection solution OnINBOX, and our integrated BIMI certification solution to secure the protection of company brands worldwide within one platform.

Red Sift’s major milestones in 2021

The funding comes amid significant company momentum here at Red Sift. In the last 12 months, we have: 

It has never been more important for organizations to successfully communicate with and ensure the trust of their employees, vendors, and customers. To be a genuine partner to our customers, we must help them protect against multiple interconnected threat vectors. As a result, we built a platform that enables rapid iterations across multiple products that all share a solid, enterprise-ready foundation. We are grateful for the support of our investors to scale our platform to deliver more value to our customers.

Get early insights with our upcoming webinar

With this injection of funding, Red Sift is better positioned than ever to help businesses worldwide secure their email infrastructure and brands against phishing, BEC, ransomware, vendor fraud, and more. Sign up below for early access to our upcoming webinar to learn more about how OnDOMAIN fits into the Red Sift platform. 

domain security webinar


Rahul Powar

24 Feb. 2022



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