OnDMARC has been named as one of Expert Insights’ 2022 “Best-Of” award winners in the DMARC category.

OnDMARC helps users to stop phishing attacks, block domain impersonation attempts and increase the deliverability of legitimate emails. It supports customers to deploy and maintain DMARC across their organization, simplifies DNS management and provides an integrated solution for customers to deploy BIMI - the protocol which allows companies to display their trademarked logo within recipients' inboxes.

Expert Insights’ Best-Of awards recognize innovative cybersecurity solutions that provide powerful protection for their customers. Awards are chosen by Expert Insights’ independent technical expert and editorial content team, based on product features, ease-of-use and market presence.

The Best-Of DMARC category includes the top vendors that offer a method by which businesses can validate emails being sent and received by their email domains. DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance) solutions give organizations greater visibility into their email channels, as well as enable them to block any malicious emails sent via their domains, protecting their clients and customers from phishing attacks and spoofed domain messages.

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