Red Sift today announced that OnDMARC has been recognized as the Best Fraud Prevention Solution by the FinTech Ascension Awards 2021.

The Tech Ascension awards judged applicants based on technology innovation, market research, and competitive differentiators. The class-leading vendors that received recognition from the Tech Ascension Awards showcased technology that solves critical industry challenges and produces invaluable business outcomes for their customers.

“We are honored to recognize leaders that are pushing true industry innovation and giving customers seamless experiences,” said David Campbell, CEO, Tech Ascension Awards. “Leaders like Red Sift are challenging the status quo and moving the industry forward.”

About the Tech Ascension Awards

The Tech Ascension Awards elevate companies that possess cutting-edge, innovative technology that solve critical challenges in their respective markets. Tech Ascension winners rise above the crowded consumer and enterprise technology industries and receive validation from an independent organization. Applicants are judged based on technology innovation and uniqueness, market research, hard performance stats, and competitive differentiators. The awards recognize leaders in cybersecurity, DevOps, big data and consumer technology.

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About Red Sift

Founded in 2015, Red Sift is a global organization with international offices in the UK, Spain, Australia, and North America. It boasts a client base of all sizes and across all industries, including Domino’s, Telefonica, Pipedrive, Rentokil, Wise, and top global law firms.