Award: Red Sift Platform wins Gold at Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2023

We were delighted to hear that the Red Sift Digital Resilience Platform was named European Gold winners in three categories for their respective company size this year at the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2023.

  • Best Anti Phishing Solution
  • Best Email Security Solution
  • Best Threat Detection, Intelligence and Response Solution

About the awards

The awards recognize companies, products and professionals that demonstrate excellence, innovation and leadership in information security. This worldwide awards program is produced by Cybersecurity Insiders in partnership with the Information Security Community on LinkedIn, tapping into the vast experience of over 500,000+ cybersecurity professionals to honor and recognize the world’s best cybersecurity products, professionals and organizations.

About Red Sift

The Red Sift Digital Resilience Platform is the first highly scalable cloud platform built for mid to large-sized organizations to see, solve, and secure the greatest vulnerabilities across their digital infrastructure. It helps organizations like Domino’s, ZoomInfo, Athletic Greens, Pipedrive, and top global law firms shut down digital impersonation, stop brand abuse, and continuously protect their perimeter.

By providing comprehensive coverage of an organization’s digital footprint through best-in-class discovery and monitoring, we enable our users to proactively uncover threats within email, discover lookalike domain abuse, and spot vulnerabilities across their network perimeter. Paired with sophisticated remediation capabilities, Red Sift provides the tools to shut down phishing and ensure ongoing compliance with email and web security protocols.

Crucially, all applications have been built on top of the unified Red Sift Platform resulting in an interoperable suite of cybersecurity applications that share data and processes. In addition, all Red Sift applications easily integrate with an organization’s existing security stack for less manual work and faster incident response times.

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Harry Stephens

9 Mar. 2023



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