DMARC is an outbound email security protocol that protects against exact domain impersonation - when a bad actor pretends to be you to send phishing emails to your customers, employees, and supply chain.

DMARC is for life, it’s not just a one-time project. So, when choosing the right DMARC product and provider to go with, you need to be sure you’re equipped with the knowledge necessary to make the right decision for your business needs.

At Red Sift, we’re passionate about making the technology for cybersecurity accessible to all. So, we’ve recently revamped and renewed our DMARC Buyer’s Guide, giving you the perfect tool to use when you’re making the all-important buying decisions for your business.

Your free guide covers everything you need to know about getting set up with DMARC, including:

  • Why DMARC is important and the threats it protects against
  • How DMARC works from reporting to policies and more
  • Everything to look for in a DMARC provider and product
  • A step-by-step for what your DMARC journey should look like
  • Expert answers to some very common DMARC questions