In this post, we share some of the Red Sift team’s favourite email tools in the hope they might help you too. In the snippets we've shared, we only talk about the free features. However, with all tools below, you can unlock even more if you’re willing to part with some cold, hard cash!

Here's a quick round-up of some of the most useful email apps out there.


Image copyright: Grammarly

A super nifty tool and a personal favorite of ours. This Chrome plugin makes sure you never misspell 'misspell', confuse your you’res and, finally, rid emails, of wayward commas, forever!*

*Yes we know those commas shouldn’t be there - trying to prove a point.

Timely Mail Sift

Image copyright: Red Sift

This little number allows you to schedule emails to be sent at the most effective time. And if you’re busy when an email arrives, just snooze it to come back to your inbox later. It’s a great tool for any salespeople looking to boost engagement rates by sending their emails at the time they are most likely to be opened.


Image copyright: Streak

If you obsess over the blue double-tick in WhatsApp then Streak is the tool for you! It gives you a neat little timeline of every view your email gets so you can time your follow-up call perfectly or call out someone’s nonsense when they claim they 'never got your email.'


Image copyright: Sortd

Sortd adds a skin to your Gmail to make it akin to Kanban board - perfect for those who like to deal in to-do lists and find it frustrating when a vital email drops below the bottom of the home screen.

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With you can cleanse your inbox of all those annoying newsletters and subscriptions that you seem to have been signed up for when you bought that one thing once.


And finally, now you have your inbox functioning perfectly, make sure your email domain is too! OnDMARC helps you to deploy DMARC, the email authentication protocol, quickly and simply so you can protect your email identity from phishing attacks and boost your deliverability too!

Interested? Why not try OnDMARC for yourself with a 14-day free trial below!

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