Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving field. To gain the best insights, it’s vital that we look to the experts for the right answers about the relevant topics and issues facing cyber and email security today.

We’re excited to share our first-ever Ask the Expert Series. Each episode features our Head of Cyber Governance, Rois Ni Thuama, Ph.D. speaking with a renowned expert in their field, providing a unique perspective on cybersecurity, cyber governance, and best practice for the future.

Catch up on all episodes on-demand below.

Ask the Original Internet Godfather:

Brett Johnson


Once dubbed The Original Internet Godfather by the US Intelligence Service, this cybercriminal-turned-cyber expert now spends his time tackling the crime he once perpetuated. He and Rois discuss his route into cybercrime, road to reformation, and more.

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Ask the Corporate Defense Author:

Sean Lyons


Globally renowned corporate defense author and strategist Sean Lyons sits down with Rois to discuss the importance of value preservation as a strategic imperative, and why this is the new black when it comes to corporate defense.

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Ask the National Cyber Security Expert:

Ciaran Martin


Ciaran Martin, founding Chief Executive of GCHQ’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), joins Rois to take your questions on the current cyber threat landscape, the recent evolution of ransomware, and how businesses can protect themselves.

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Ask the Development & Strategic Partnerships Expert:

Andy Bates

Andy Bates Cybersecurity expert

In this episode, Rois speaks with Andy Bates, the Chief Development & Strategic Partnerships Officer for the Global Cyber Alliance. They cover, amongst other things, why a multi-layered approach to cybersecurity is not as difficult as it sounds.

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Ask the Penguin UK CISO:

Deborah Haworth

Deborah Haworth CISO

Deborah Haworth, Chief Information Security Officer at Penguin Random House UK, has over twenty years of experience as an information security professional. She and Rois discuss brand protection and the importance of culture for successful security awareness training.

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Ask the Head of Cyber Security Education:

John Scott

John Scott Head of Cyber Security Education

Rois is joined by John Scott, Head of Security Education at the Bank of England. Tune in to learn more about the tools available to mitigate new cyber threats and how to take a ‘defense in depth’ approach to cybersecurity.

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Ask the Enterprise Digitization Expert:

Dave Chatterjee Ph.D.

David Chaterjee Enterprise Digitization

Tenured professor in the Management Information Systems (MIS) department at The University of Georgia, David Chatterjee, sits down with Rois to share his thoughts on what senior management should be actively doing to mitigate cyberattacks against their organization.

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Ask the Chair of Cybersecurity:

Prof. Donna O’Shea

Donna OShea Cybersecurity Chair

In this episode, Rois is joined by the Chair of Cybersecurity at Munster Technological University, Donna O’Shea, Ph.D. They discuss the key differences between competence and confidence, and why we need to act now to deploy known solutions.

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Ask the Investigative Reporter:

Geoff White

Geoff White Investigative Reporter

Geoff White, author of the Lazarus Heist and Crime Dot Com, joins Rois to tell the story behind the North Korean “$100 Super-bills” and to explore the link between organized cybercrime and governments. 

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