In this episode of Ask the Expert, we are joined by Brett Johnson, AKA the Original internet Godfather. Brett shares his remarkable journey of how he went from being a cybercriminal, who committed 39 felonies, to becoming an advocate for cybersecurity. After being on the U.S. most wanted list, and escaping from prison, Johnson turned his life around with the support of his family, and the FBI. He now uses his expertise to help protect individuals and businesses from cybercriminals.

In this podcast, Johnson integrates social engineering and the “Human Failure Point” as key factors in the success of phishing and cyberattacks, as criminals exploit people’s trust in technology. He then offers practical advice such as using password managers and being more proactive to protect oneself. Furthermore, Johnson emphasizes that the cybercrime landscape has been fundamentally altered by stimulus fraud and ransomware attacks, urging companies to prepare for these threats instead of paying ransoms. Additionally, Johnson suggests that bug bounties can serve as a deterrent to fraudsters if companies offer bounties that align with the potential damage caused by exploits, rather than arbitrary amounts.

Brett Johnson's transformation from a notorious cybercriminal to a cybersecurity advocate is a powerful testament to the potential for redemption and positive change. His insights into the human element of cybercrime shed light on why phishing and cyberattacks remain successful. By emphasizing proactive measures, such as utilizing password managers and understanding potential targeting strategies, individuals can better protect themselves in the digital landscape.

Watch the episode below...