In terms of cybercrime, 2018 wasn't been spectacularly different from previous years - we’ve covered all manner of topics in our blog, from phishing attacks to malware. For the regular readers, already accustomed to our self-indulgent gifery, you won't be surprised that we thought we’d round off the year with a few gifs that we thought those working in cybersec would appreciate. And who knows, perhaps this lighthearted depiction of the very real threats that most users face will generate just a touch more awareness and cyber-savvy, making 2019 the year that users took back control! 

1. Email Security

This year, we have sent and received approximately 281 billion emails and Red Sift has been on a mission to encourage people to protect their inboxes and improve deliverability. With individuals, companies, and organizations alike heavily relying on emails to conduct day-to-day business, by using methods of verification such as DMARC, messages can be validated and recipients can rest assured that what they receive is from a legitimate sender.

2. Data Breaches

The enforcement of GDPR aimed to give individuals greater control of their own personal data and means that now, anybody entrusted with data has a responsibility to protect it. Should a company fall victim to a breach large fines will be incurred of up to €20 Million or 4% of the company’s annual turnover. Should GDPR have been in place in 2013 when Yahoo fell victim to a breach that saw 3 billion user accounts compromised, they would have been subjected to fines of up to $160 million! With these new laws introduced, now more than ever it pays to be protected when it comes to cybersecurity.

3. Hackers

Real-life hackers are not as cool as Dade Murphy or as glamorous as Angelina Jolie and have caused very real problems this year for the likes of MyFitnessPal, British Airways, and Marriott. This year saw hackers continue to grow more sophisticated, reinforcing the need for equally intelligent cybersecurity solutions.

4. Phishing

One of the most common ways hackers have been able to gain entry into our networks and compromise sensitive data in 2018 is via phishing attacks. When emails aren’t verified there is no way to tell if messages are legitimate, so people are easily fooled into giving away personal details by hackers that claim to be someone they’re not. In 2019, companies need to make sure that their emails are secure to protect themselves and their customers from the inevitable phishing attacks targeted at them every single day.

5. Shadow IT

Shadow IT refers to anything that is brought onto the corporate network without the blessing of IT and can be as simple as an employee using an online cloud service to store files without authorization. In 2019 we all need to stop lurking in the shadows and shine a light on how we operate online. Knowing which apps employees use and where data is stored means that you can better keep track of your cybersecurity, and stop your company’s defenses from ending up like this small toddler.

So that's it from us for 2018 - thank you to all those who have joined us along the way. 

(and yes the gifs were perhaps not as "helpful" as they could have been but there's always room for improvement next year ;) )

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