We’ve partnered with Entrust to give you an end-to-end BIMI solution

If you follow our blog, it’s more than likely that you’ll have heard us talking about BIMI over the past few weeks. BIMI is a new email standard that enables the use of registered logos on DMARC authenticated emails. The entire email ecosystem is excited about BIMI, as it provides an opportunity to increase the wider adoption of DMARC, while at the same time helping businesses provide a more immersive customer experience and increase brand impressions.

Red Sift and Entrust: streamlining BIMI success

We’re very pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with Entrust, a global leader in identity, payments and data protection. Entrust is one of just two Certification Authorities authorized by Google to provide Verified Mark Certificates (VMCs). This, like full DMARC configuration, is an essential part of the BIMI puzzle, as it works in line with your DMARC policy to provide logo visibility in email. Red Sift and Entrust make the perfect match, working together to help brands improve their email security strategy and create a more consistent email experience for recipients – a win-win for both Information Security and Marketing teams.

Together we’ve already successfully enabled the sending of more than 100 million VMC-certified emails through Google’s BIMI pilot program! And now that Gmail has announced its support for BIMI, we’re excited to work together to offer brands a streamlined BIMI certification process, giving businesses a better and more trusted brand experience in Gmail and other supporting email providers.

“Entrust and Red Sift offer VMCs and DMARC service respectively to authenticate marketing email communications with a registered logo and prevent email spoofing using DMARC technology. Our expanded partnership offers brand marketers and InfoSec teams the peace of mind that they can easily secure and maintain the certificates needed in one seamless platform to ensure their email communications meet BIMI standards.”

Chris Bailey, Vice President of Trust Services at Entrust

What does our end-to-end BIMI solution include?

Thanks to our unique partnership, businesses now have a simple and cost-effective way to boost their outbound email strategy and brand presence through end-to-end service in one place. The service includes:

  • DMARC implementation to qualify your domains
  • The entire logo verification process
  • A Verified Mark Certificate (VMC)
  • A dedicated support manager from start to finish
  • All within one, easy-to-use self-service platform

“Our goal with this expanded partnership is to offer an easy, full-service experience that supports organizations looking to enhance control of their brand, provide an immersive experience for their customers and improve email deliverability with DMARC. We’re not only building a strong, collaborative relationship with the Entrust team to accomplish this, but both organizations also made a significant investment in this integration for the benefit of the marketplace. You can see this come to life in the robust services we provide our customers together.”

Rahul Powar, Red Sift CEO

Don’t get left behind! Take the first step and check to see if you’re BIMI-ready using our free BIMI checker tool below.


Sabrina Evans

15 Jul. 2021



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