The AuthIndicators Working Group (BIMI Group) recently announced that macOS Ventura/iOS 16 will support BIMI, and the email community is awash with excitement. BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) enables DMARC-protected organizations to display their trusted, registered brand mark in their customer’s email inbox.

In this article, we uncover what this move means for businesses, the global email ecosystem, and how organizations everywhere can get on board. 

Mailbox Providers that support BIMI June 2022 Update

Apple's newly-announced support signals increasing confidence in BIMI

BIMI makes email more relevant than ever, and it delivers demonstrable value to organizations looking to secure their email communications while protecting their brand. Research carried out by Red Sift, in partnership with Entrust, found that displaying a registered logo in the avatar slot of an email can increase email opens by 39%, purchase likelihood by 32%, and brand recall by as much as 120%. 

Apple’s support for BIMI means a safer email ecosystem for all

BIMI brings a host of benefits to businesses, but it also improves the security of our email ecosystem as a whole. To qualify for BIMI, an organization’s domain must be DMARC compliant. Obtaining a VMC (Verified Mark Certificate) from an approved Certificate Authority (CA) such as Entrust is the best way to maximize the reach of BIMI for logo display in email clients.

It’s because of the email authentication requirements of DMARC that the widespread adoption of BIMI helps to improve the health of the entire email ecosystem. If more organizations adopt BIMI, it means more organizations within the ecosystem become DMARC protected, and the more difficult it is for cybercriminals to carry out domain impersonation (spoofing), a precursor to many cyberattacks. Apple’s support of the BIMI protocol sets a clear example to others in the space to support a safer digital environment.

Apple’s support for BIMI means it could become possible for nearly 90% of consumers to view logos in email

With the addition of Apple to the roster of the world’s largest email companies supporting BIMI in Fall 2022, it’s could become possible for nearly 90% of consumers to view logos in emails from organizations that have implemented DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) to secure their domains. 

Considering 68% of consumers stated that brand recognition is the most important factor in determining whether or not to open an email, there’s never been more urgency for brands to ensure they’re BIMI-certified, and get their trusted, registered brand mark into their customer’s email inbox. 

Red Sift’s integrated solution will significantly extend the volume of logos reaching clients

We’re proud to be the only provider of an integrated email security and brand protection platform. Within this, we offer an end-to-end solution for implementing DMARC and the VMC to support BIMI in partnership with Entrust. This makes DMARC and BIMI implementation easy, straightforward, and fast.

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