Who are we?

We’re Red Sift, a global cybersecurity company founded in 2015. Since then we’ve grown a lot, and now just some of our clients include Domino’s, Telefonica, Pipedrive, Rentokil, Wise, and top global law firms. 

Our data analysis platform is purpose-built for the challenges of cybersecurity. Products on our platform include OnDMARC and OnINBOX, SaaS applications that work together to close the net on the phishing problem by blocking outbound phishing attacks and analyzing the security of inbound communications for company-wide email threat intelligence.  

Our mission: to democratize the technology essential for cybersecurity

Red Sift mission

We believe the answer to stopping the rise of cyber attacks is through computers, not consultants. We’re on a mission to help people use the latest technology, like AI and Machine Learning, to unlock data that already exists about threats, and turn them into active protection.

What are our products?

We offer a suite of award-winning cybersecurity products, aimed at protecting inbound and outbound email communications, including:

  • OnDMARC – our easy-to-implement DMARC solution
  • OnINBOX – advanced threat protection for your inbox

Meet the team!

Why not meet the people behind the platform and products, making cybersecurity easy and accessible for all? Find out more about the Red Sift team and story here.